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After carrying out the “reform and opening policy” for over 30 years, outstanding achievements have been made in the standardization sector, building an initial standards system which covers the first, second and third industries and all social sectors. Standards play a more and more important role in the aspects of regulating production and operation order, guaranteeing consumer safety, and promoting trade development, etc. In recent years, a batch of national, industrial and local standards have been launched which are mostly related to social management, public service, commerce logistics, and so on. In particular, focusing on the key fields of transformation of governmental function, upgrading of industrial transformation, resource and energy conservation, a series of critical standards have been developed and issued, well targeted to regulate market behavior and facilitate the construction of uniform market rules, providing technical support for the process and post-process supervision and management.

Also, we have participated in international standardization activities more actively. In the fields with higher degree of marketization and openness, such as household appliance and furniture, etc., the uptake of international standards is relatively high. Moreover, Chinese standards lead the way in the sectors of ultra-high voltage power transmission, nanotechnology, smart grid, and so forth. Meanwhile, we lay stress on the fundamental role of mandatory standards and carry out the mandatory management of the standards related to human health, life and property safety, eco-environmental security, etc., effectively compensating market failure, avoiding illegal behaviors of pursuing benefits and protecting the public interests.

We hope to create a fairer market environment through system and mechanism innovations. Thus, the development of standardization is able to serve the social and economic development, promoting the industrial and economic transformation and upgrading.


 Tian Shihong, Administrator of SAC