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Standards Technical Management Department


Main duties:

1. Make the strategies, plans, policies and administrative rules related to standardization and organize related implementation work;

2. Undertake the project approval, numbering, notification as well as authorization, approval and publication of mandatory national standards;

3. Responsible for the investigation and punishment of major illegal activities such as breach of mandatory national standards;

4. Organize to develop voluntary national standards (including standard reference);

5. Undertake the project approval, review, numbering, publication and reevaluation of voluntary national standards;

6. The daily work of the standardization coordination mechanism under the State Council;

7. Assume the management work of national standardization technical committees, and other work assigned by SAMR.



Standards Innovative Management Department


Main duties:

1. Coordinate, guide and supervise the sector and local standardization work;

2. Regulate, lead and supervise the development of association standards and enterprise standardization activities;

3. Carry out the disclosure, publicity, implementation and promotion work of national standards;

4. Manage the national article numbering, commercial bar code and labeling work;

5. Undertake the related work on uniform social credit code of nationwide corporate and other organizations;

6 .Organize and participate in the activities of ISO, IEC and other international or regional standardization organizations;

7. Organize and conduct the related work on standards comparison and compliance with internationally advanced standards and adoption of international standards;

8. Undertake other work assigned by SAMR.