SAMR and SAC Publish a Number of Important National Standards
Source from:市场监管总局    Update on:2023-02-02 16:48

State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Standardization Administration of China (SAC) have approved and published a number of important national standards recently, which cover the areas closely related to economic and social development, ecological conservation and people’s daily life, such as information technology, consumer products, green development, equipment and materials, road vehicles, safe production and public services.


In terms of information technology, the national standard on specialized products of cybersecurity will effectively prevent and reduce the safety risk of such products, improve the safety level of network and key information infrastructures in China, and facilitate the certification and testing of relevant products.


In terms of food and consumer products, the standards on household gas equipment, range hood and parquet optimize the performance on product using experience to meet the industrial needs of technological upgrading and green development. The standards on electrical safety, charger and central charging facility of electric bicycle put higher requirements for the charger in the aspects including fire prevention and anti-flaming, thermal runaway, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility, and practically safeguard the safety of users and surrounding people and environment.


In terms of seed industry revitalization, a series of standards on testing guidelines for specificity, conformity and stability of plant varieties will further stimulate the cultivation and commercial application of new plant varieties such as actinidia, and meet peoples needs for better agricultural products.


In terms of green development, the standard on environment awareness design proposes the optimized design in the life circle of products such as reducing the resource consumption to the utmost extent, avoiding the using of raw materials containing hazardous substance and cutting down the contaminants and their emission, which will promote the low-carbon and high-quality development in China.


In terms of equipment and materials, a series of standards on geometrical product specifications will play an important role in regulating the market of precise measurement, improving the technical level of high-end equipment manufacturing, removing the barriers to trade, and raising the conversion rate of international standards in key areas.


In terms of road vehicles, a series of standards on the functional safety of road vehicles put forward the functional safety requirement of electronic control system, which can effectively avoid the risks of accidents, such as the loss of vehicle control and personal casualties caused by random hardware failures and systemic failures of the electronic and electrical system of vehicles.


In terms of safe production, the standard on electrochemical energy storage station helps improve the safety of electrochemical energy storage stations within their life circle, and ensure their safe and stable operation. The standard on power grid operation provides reliability for the safe operation and transformation of power grid in China under new circumstances.


In terms of social work, the standard on social work of welfare institutions for children can improve the services of welfare institutions for children, and facilitate their integrative development in the areas such as raising children, and the healthcare, rehabilitation and education for them.


In addition, there are many new national standards in the fields including electrical equipment for medical use, personal protection, standardization basis and experimental animals.