A Batch of Important National Standards Released Before WSD 2022
Source from:SAC    Update on:2022-11-03 09:16

On the occasion of the World Standards Day 2022, SAMR (SAC) released a batch of national standards centering on the themes of "a shared vision for a better world" and "standardization in the digital era", covering quality of life, green and livable life, digital society construction, social security and other aspects.
In terms of improving quality of life, the national standards on general safety requirements for intelligent household appliances and after-sale services of household and similar electrical appliances keep pace with new industrial forms in the intelligent-oriented development of household appliances, and define new requirements for information safety and remote after-sale services, making people safely enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent technologies. The national standards on room air conditioner, air purifier and ultraviolet radiation source for sterilization respond to the social development and consumption demands, and meet the people's desire for comfortable and healthy life with high quality step by step. 
In terms of promoting green and livable life, the national standard on climate liveability index makes quantitative evaluation of liveability based on the combination of climate and ecological environment, providing an important basis for liveable city selection, which can help create ecologically liveable environment in various cities effectively. The national standards on green evaluation of kitchen, bathroom and hardware products specify the green evaluation methods and requirements for six products including shower and stainless steel sink, which can help create a green and economic mode of production and life in the society. 
In terms of facilitating digital transformation, the national standard on guidelines for personal information safety projects specifies the requirements for dealing with personal information concerning online products and services, stresses the safe engineering ideas of planning, constructing and using personal information simultaneously, and prevents the occurrence of an infringement of users' personal information rights. The national standard on requirements for data processing security of vehicles helps regulate data processing activities and protect the safety of vehicle data in the whole process, making the information much safer in the digital era. 
In terms of safeguarding social security, a series of national standards on amusement park safety have filled a gap at home and abroad. They provide the foundation of the planning and design, operation services and maintenance of amusement parks in a normative manner, help eliminate safety hazards of amusement facilities, and make the tourists play more safely with fun. Another series of national standards on social security biometric identification recognition comprehensively define the scenarios, means and requirements of the biometric identification recognition security, safeguarding the information and property security of the people. 
Besides, many national standards in other fields were also released, such as modern agriculture, petrochemical engineering, machinery, aerospace, science and technology, and rehabilitation of the disabled. These standards will support the development of digital economy, lead the construction of digital society, contribute to the green, safe and high-quality development, and help the people to fulfill their wishes for a better life.