SAMR Releases Revised Measures for National Standards
Source from:    Update on:2023-01-11 14:16

The revised Administrative Measures for National Standards was recently released by State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), which will be officially implemented on March 1, 2023.


The revision of the Measures aims to put the revised Standardization Law of China, National Standardization Development Outline as well as Plan for Deepening Standardization Work Reform in place, and regulate the development, implementation and supervision of national standards.


The revision content mainly includes four aspects, i.e. adjusting the specific scope of national standards combined with national standardization practices, on the basis of the revised Standardization Law of China; further specifying the work requirements on procedures and phases of national standards development; defining the new requirements on development and revision procedure, organization and management, as well as implementation and supervision of national standards; and further improving the feedback mechanism and the standards updating mechanism.


After the Measures come into effect, a more effective work mechanism and related practices will take shape in the areas of management, application and promotion of national standards, better supporting and guaranteeing the work on national standards.